iPest Plus Rodent Monitoring

iPest – keep an eye on the pest 24/7

iPest is a truly unique electronic rodent monitoring system that records rat and mouse activity online, accurately and in real time. The technology provides pest controllers with key infestation information to guide successful IPM programs.

iPest Electronic rodent Monitoring


24/7 365 reliability

Unlike other mouse traps on the market, the iPest is an electronic rodent monitoring system that can alert you to rodent activity in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using motion and touch sensors each rodent bait station can provide reliable and accurate alerts to the presence of an unwanted rat or mouse pest.


Intelligent Site Mapping

Each electronic rodent monitoring bait system placed across the site facility can be mapped to show hotspots for rodent activity and give intelligent insights into when rodents are most active.


Data collection

The system will be invaluable for collecting data on the efficacy of rodent control strategies, giving spatial distribution of catches and patterns in rodent activity. Trends can then be linked to events in the food facility that may be inadvertently encouraging the rodent pest population, such as the arrival of a particular delivery, pinpointing the rodent problem and aiding in a solution.



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Rodent Alerts

Pest controllers can receive rodent alerts via the free Android or iOS iPest App.

QR Code

Simply scan the QR code on the electronic bait station and name the system.

Push notifications

Choose how you receive the alert e.g. via email or push notifications.

Online & Offline capability

Site visits can be completed when mobile phone is both offline or online.

Smart Technology

The smart technology is easy to use, allowing pest controllers to browse through client lists, spot patterns in rodent activity and reset trap information with a click of a button.

Reduce Labour

iPest can reduce labour costs by only conducting site visits in response to rodent activity.

Extreme Accuracy

Avoid false positives and inaccurate monitoring as the iPest’s double confirmation will only flag genuine rodent activity.

Real time feedback

Real time feedback means response time can be immediate no matter where you are or time of day.

Spatial Mapping facility

Trace probable source through analysis of rodent activity and pathway tracking via spatial mapping of each monitoring system

How does iPest work?

iPest & iPest plus are easy, straightforward and effective to use – despite their cutting edge technology

• Real-time immediate alert when rodent activity is detected.
• Cost effective with rapid return on investment.
• Data is visualised for ease of analysis for efficient monitoring and treatment.

Rodents entering the electronic monitoring system will first activate the contact sensor; however, this will not result in an alert until movement of the rodent has been confirmed. Only following two positive results of each test will the pest controller be alerted.

1. Rodent enters trap
2. Touch activated
3. Motion recorded
4. Alert sent to pest controller

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email us Use you PC, tablet or smartphone to view interactive data offline or online

Complete important tasks both off and online.

Some sites may have a poor network service that could restrict your internet access. With iPest, the app can be used even without internet as the app will save the data collected to your smartphone until the next time it connects to the internet.

Receive notifications when a rodent has been detected or a bait station has been tampered with.

Each bait station will send a notifcation straight to your smartphone following detection of a rodent inside the box. Additionally, each box is fitted with a tamper cable that will be secured to the wall or other structure. This cable acts as a tether to keep the bait station in place and importantly, when dislodged from the bait station will alert you to the change in real time.

Use you PC, tablet or smartphone to view interactive data offline or online Use you PC, tablet or smartphone to view interactive data offline or online

Keeping your clients in the loop.

Allow client access to data for viewing, but not editing your data. iPest provides differential log in features that enable different users a set capability within the network. Therefore, you can provide your clients with a log in so that they can monitor the problem and successes in their own time, without the risk of editing your data.