iPest – electronic rodent monitoring

Smart Savings

iPest is the low cost yet high-tech remote rodent monitoring system that costs the same as one hour of a pest controller’s time but provides 30 days of monitoring. Save time and money by removing the need for manual checking of traps and wasted site visits.

Smart Reporting

Monitor for rodent activity 24/7/365 and receive notifications to your mobile remotely and securely. The online platform enables site mapping and statistical analysis of location and time of rodent activity that can all be saved in the online logbook.

Smart Phone

iPest is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, simply download the app and access site information remotely. With rodent alerts sent as email or push notifications you can always stay up to date, wherever you are.

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iPest – remote rodent monitoring with no false alerts

Using motion and touch sensors the iPest system detects rodents with 100% accuracy

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Support and training

The iPest team will provide you with complete support during installation and throughout the life of the product

iPest explained in four easy steps


  1. The rodent enters the iPest bait station – triggering a response.
  2. This is picked up by the router, then transmitted to the nearest cellular tower.
  3. Then, its pushed up in the cloud network, the data is analyzed and converted into a report.
  4. Finally, receive the alerts via email, straight to your phone, tablet, laptop and PC

Electronic Rodent Monitoring